Perks and Mini

Shauna Toohey and Mischa Hollenbach founded Perks and Mini in Melbourne in 2000 as an outlet for progressive graphic design. Boasting highly detailed constructions, Perks and Mini’s menswear infuses conceptually rich, layered graphics into streetwear classics. The label’s refined yet unpretentious sensibilities come to the fore through their interpretations of clever t-shirts, sweatwear, hats, and jackets. Frequent collaborations have included artists Mike Kelley, Fergadelic, and Genevive Gauckler.

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    Dolphin Duo Sono Shirt

    SAR 1,092 SAR 546
  • Perks and Mini

    Add A Filter Track Shorts

    SAR 575 SAR 287
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    Time Folds Track Pullover

    SAR 1,322 SAR 661